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Life Sentence in the Cathouse + Live in Vienna
FZ 4600 CD (double CD) £12.00

Frenzi Records presents a deluxe double disc remaster of Life Sentence in the Cathouse, the sixth studio album by maverick American artist Tav Falco and his "wreckabilly" combo Panther Burns.

Originally released in 1991, Life Sentence... was produced by the legendary Alex Chilton (Big Star, Box Tops). "This was our last album recorded in Memphis," explains Tav. "We invited the finest musicians we knew in our sphere: Mabon 'Teenie' Hodges, the Hi Records guitarist and hit maker for Al Green, wrote a song for the album and played guitar. Jim Dickinson came in on piano and acoustic guitar on which he always played in only one key: open G. On bass we had Roland Robinson, who at 14 years of age started on the road as bandleader for Eddie Floyd. The Easley brothers played dog house bass and guitars."

Disc 2 offers Live in Vienna, a complete live performance recorded at the Messepalast on May 24th 1988. FZ 4600 is available on 2xCD and digital download. CD version is priced at £12.00 (+ shipping) and is housed in deluxe 6 panel digipack with new liner notes by Tav. To order CD simply click on the button below.

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"Roped together, these fiery missives sound like compelling rebel yell dispatches from another time, delivered by one of music's most enigmatic wild cards" (Classic Rock, 03/2015)

Disc 1 (Life Sentence in the Cathouse):

1. My Mind Was Messed Up at the Time
2. Torture
3. Vampire From Havana
4. Make Me Know You're Mine
5. Go On Home
6. Auto Sapien
7. Guarda Che Luna
8. Oh, Girls, Girls
9. I'm Gonna Dig Myself a Hole
10. Sent Up
11. What's Wrong
12. Why was I Born?
13. Only the Lonely

Disc 2 (Live in Vienna):

1. Pass the Hatchet
2. Arkansas Stomp
3. Mona Lisa
4. River of Love
5. She's the One That's Got It
6. Ditch Digging
7. Oh, Pretty Woman
8. Tina, the Go-Go Queen
9. Dateless Night
10. Shade Tree Mechanic
11. She's My Witch
12. Running Wild
13. It's Only Make Believe
14. Drop Your Mask
15. Cuban Rebel Girl
16. Brazil
17. Poor Man
18. Have Love, Will Travel

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