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Hip Flask: An Introduction to Tav Falco & Panther Burns
FZ 6600 CD (single CD) £10.00

Frenzi Records presents Hip Flask, a comprehensive Best Of collection by maverick American artist Tav Falco and his "wreckabilly" combo Panther Burns. This extended compilation includes 2 songs from brand new studio album Command Performance as well as 17 classic back catalogue tracks.

Tav's extraordinarily rich back catalogue spans four decades and a dozen studio albums. All are represented on this cherry-picked collection. "Hip Flask is a genre-hopping portmanteau of tunes and anthems that have propelled, compelled, and haunted the minds, bodies, and feet of generations of celebrants," says Tav. "There's an undercurrent which runs through each of these divergent songs - an undercurrent that wells up from darker waters and lifts the beholder in that wistful, joyous, sensual, and at times terrifying tonal embrace we call music."

Hip Flask is available on CD and download. CD is priced at £10.00 (+ shipping) and features a 16 page illustrated booklet with liner notes by Tav. To order simply click on the shopping cart button below.

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"Hip Flask is a bounty of killer tracks and neurotic ditties that frame the band as one of Memphis, Tennessee's most auspicious creations. Newcomers should take this opportunity as one hell of a place to start. Do yourself a real favor: forget everything you think you know about rock & roll, get this, and get your head fixed by it" (All Music Guide, 03/2015); "Memphis psychobilly ace as wicked as The Cramps, but with a hometown soul influence" (Mojo, 05/2015); "A seductively compelling collection straddling all twelve Panther Burns albums. Vivid dispatches from a remarkable life dedicated to celebrating his Memphis heritage, the vanishing point of romance and primal rock 'n' roll" (Record Collector, 02/2015); "The Panther back catalogue gets re-ignited. While many of his post-punk contemporaries have died or disappeared, Tav Falco is one of the few from that era to have maintained a relentless level of quality and creativity. Since roaring out of late-70s Memphis with running buddies Alex Chilton and Jim Dickinson, Falco has ridden ever-changing Panther Burns line-ups through 12 idiosynacratic albums of southern gothic hoodoo, primal rockabilly and hellhound blues. 8/10" (Classic Rock, 03/2015); "Packed with treasures. From the affecting Ballad of the Rue de la Lune to the Stax-inflected strut of My Mind Was Messed Up at the Time, Hip Flask does what was no doubt intended: it paints Falco as a great American maverick whose body of work stands proud against that of both his contemporaries and others - including The Fall - who subsequently mined these particular seams. But what screams loudest is a sense of fun. Tav Falco obviously takes what he does seriously, but he is no po-faced merchant of pomposity. May he have many more decades at the coalface of cultural mutation" (The Arts Desk, 03/2015); "An effective sampler of Tav's various explorations into the dark and rootsy corners of American music that brings us bang up to date - 8/10" (Vive le Rock, 06/2015); "Matches a couple of tracks from new album Command Performance with choice early recordings" (The Wire, 07/2015); "Tav has long been a hero/inspiration to Primal Scream. A true master of rock and roll and a cultural ditch digger on the same level as The Cramps" (Bobby Gillespie, 06/2015)

CD/DL tracklist:

1. I'm On This Rocket
2. Pantherman
3. Bourgeois Blues
4. Cuban Rebel Girl
5. Tina, the Go-Go Queen
6. She's a Bad Motorcycle
7. Oh, How She Dances
8. Ditch Digging
9. Surfside Date
10. Fun Mob
11. My Mind Was Messed Up at the Time
12. Torture
13. Funnel of Love
14. Born Too Late
15. She Wants to Sell My Monkey
16. Gentleman in Black
17. Ballad of the Rue de la Lune
18. Master of Chaos
19. He'll Have to Go

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