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The World We Knew + Live In Bordeaux
FZ 4100 CD (double CD) £12.00

Frenzi Records presents a deluxe double disc remaster of The World We Knew, the third studio album by maverick American artist Tav Falco and his "wreckabilly" combo Panther Burns. The package also includes all four tracks from the Shake Rag EP along with a previously unreleased live set.

The World We Knew was originally released back in 1987 and produced by the legendary Alex Chilton (of Big Star and Box Tops fame). "In a sense, The World We Knew was a self-conscious and conceptual look back upon the trajectory of the group seven years into our existence," explains Tav. "Fuelled by an era that was rapidly coming to an end, or had already ended, slipping away into the bleakness and softness of the Memphis night."

Disc 2 offers live set Live in Bordeaux, recorded at the Babylone Club on 10 April 1987. FZ 4100 is available on 2xCD and digital download. CD version is priced at £12.00 (+ shipping) and is housed in deluxe 6 panel digipack with new liner notes by Tav. To order CD simply click on the button below.

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"Presented here in two-disc form, The World We Knew represents the seismic, end-of-an-era moment for Panther Burns' Alex Chilton phase, on which Tav and co. chase phantoms through the river mists, on jukebox chestnuts such as Pass the Hatchet, or the pompadoured sneer of rockabilly Stranded On a Dateless Night" (Vive le Rock, 06/2015); "8/10. Mixes coruscating originals like She's a Bad Motorcycle with astutely-judged covers such as RL Burnside's Jumper on the Line, coupled with the Jim Dickinson-produced Shake Rag EP and a bonus disc from a rafter-rocking Bordeaux show in 87" (Classic Rock, 03/2015)

Disc 1 (The World We Knew + Shake Rag):

1. Dateless Night
2. Do the Robot
3. It's All Your Fault
4. Pass the Hatchet
5. She's My Witch
6. The World We Knew
7. Drop Your Mask
8. Mona Lisa
9. Motorcycle
10. Doubtful of Your Love
11. Ditch Digging
12. Big Road Blues
13. A Little Mixed Up
14. Viola Lee Blues
15. Cuban Rebel Girl (EP)
16. Warrior Sam (EP)
17. Shade Tree Mechanic (EP)
18. Jumper on the Line (EP)

Disc 2 (Live in Bordeaux):

1. Arkansas Stomp
2. She's the One That's Got It
3. Mona Lisa
4. Tina, the Go-Go Queen
5. Jungle Rock
6. Drop Your Mask
7. Cuban Rebel Girl
8. She's My Witch
9. It's All Your Fault
10. I'm On This Rocket
11. Brazil
12. Snatch It Back

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