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Command Performance
FZ 8000 CD (single CD) £10.00

Frenzi Records presents Command Performance, the first new Panther Burns album in four years and a powerful statement of intent from a man and a band who hit new peaks of performance. Just dig the defiant, celebratory soul of opener Breakaway, or the Dylan-esque bottleneck shuffle and political bite of Whistle Blower. A bit of Mediterranean shuffle, some surf guitars, a dabble into country and Americana, a touch of 50`s rock-a-billy, some classic garage rock 'n' roll beat, even a rhumba. Perhaps best of all is towering Tav original Master Of Chaos.

"I still keep the identity of the original Panther Burns, no matter who's playing in it, because I'll always be the performer in Panther Burns who plays intuitively, and I will play and compose as a rock n' roll/blues combo from Memphis. I can be nothing else. You can listen to this new album, you can listen to our first album, and you can listen to them all in between, and there is an undercurrent of unrequited love, of brother against brother, of the swamp."

Tracklist: Breakaway, Fire Island, Whistle Blower, About Marie Laveau, Doomsday Baby, Bangkok, Master of Chaos, Jungle Fever, Memphis Ramble, Me and My Chauffeur Blues, He'll Have To Go, Rumbetta.

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"Command Performance further explores Falco's world of twilight swamp rhythms, Stax vamps and ballroom damage, also tackling bare-knuckled protest blues on Whistle Blower and Doomsday Baby. Though he's been based in Vienna since the 90s, part of Falco's heart still resides in Memphis, where he lived for 17 years. It's reflected here in homages to the city (Memphis Ramble) and ripsnorting covers of Charlie Feather's Jungle Rock and departed friend Alex Chilton's Bangkok" (Classic Rock, 02/2015); "Gravitating to Rome for his first studio offering since Conjurations in 2011, Tav packed a wishlist of covers, some thumbnails of new material, and the idea that something would take shape there. The resultant recording sees the Italian vibes mingling with the more familiar aroma of Memphis magnolia for a uniquely intoxicating voodoo blues rumba concoction - 8/10" (Vive le Rock, 06/2015); "The range of material here is more narrow than on Conjurations, but the approach is more immediate and daring. Sonically this is the best record the Panther Burns have ever made, and with less grit in the mix the decadent ooze in the band's aesthetic is all the more heady" (All Music Guide, 03/2015); "Command Performance is more truly a vocal record and as such it bears comparison with Dylan's Shadows in the Night in the way that it somehow connects starlit balladry with the macabre underbelly of rock n' roll. His take on Jungle Fever by hicupping rockabilly god Charlie Feathers is the album's highlight and best captures the Lynchian cabaret feel of the session" (The Wire, 07/2015)

CD/DL tracklist:

1. Breakaway
2. Fire Island
3. Whistle Blower
4. About Marie Laveau
5. Doomsday Baby
6. Bangkok
7. Master Of Chaos
8. Jungle Fever
9. Memphis Ramble
10. Me and My Chauffeur Blues
11. He'll Have To Go
12. Rumbetta

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